Barb’s passion is mercy. Helping people apply a merciful framework as they learn more about themselves is one of her strengths. She’s raised a daughter as a single Mom, experienced trauma, surgeries, life threatening illnesses, stressful jobs in private and public sectors and even understands groups that have possible cult like systems. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Human Relations from Westminster College and moved to the Bay Area of California for 10 years where she studied breath and body work, while working in the private sector managing construction. She’s also worked in adult probation and parole and intensive case management for people with severe mental illnesses. Barb’s lived in Helena for 22 years with an interruption to live in Boulder Colorado for a year, studying meditation. She also has trained in “Hakomi”, an approach emphasizing mindfulness during sessions and includes the body as well as the unconscious systems during each session.

Clients are supported during appointments to slow down so that their sensations, feelings and thoughts can be noticed and gently acknowledged and embraced. She calls this (from one of her trainings) “Inner Disarmament”. Anyone doing 12-step work will find that Barb has a rich knowledge of that paradigm as well. Drawing on her own trauma recovery path as well as her spiritual practice, Barb takes great care in making sure her clients find their own inner and outer resources as they explore their emotional, mental and spiritual worlds.

Spiritual Life Coaching is inclusive of the whole person. Clients have opportunities to gently become aware of how their bodies speak to them, and how their thought patterns may be influencing them in productive or counter productive ways. Combining these helps people gently examine their inner belief systems and try on new ways in a safe, resourced and merciful setting. Once people have a merciful understanding of themselves and their unconscious, healthy choices and life affirming beliefs begin to emerge and give rise to an increased resilience that can become the new “normal”.