Jamie received her MA in Transpersonal Counseling with a Concentration in Grief, Loss and Trauma from Southwestern College in Santa Fe New Mexico. Jamie has worked as an outpatient therapist at community mental health centers in Bozeman and Helena for over 5 years and has been in private practice as a LCPC for 10 years. Jamie rediscovered her love of dance while in Santa Fe and has been teaching dance and movement therapy for over 10 years. Prior to getting her master’s degree, Jamie taught Creative Writing, English and Film to at-risk kids. Jamie is currently in private practice at DLC and teaches OULA Classes and Movement Therapy. “I have always been a dreamer, a dancer, a poet. My journey has been about remembering the symbolic language of old, the language of the psyche, the spirit, the soul. I have noticed that no matter what our circumstances are in the present, we have a chance to encounter the rich, luscious mystery of life. By allowing and accepting the mystery, we have a chance to claim our path, our symbols. I have heard the voice of many of my teachers say, “claim your life, own all aspects of yourself.” These words are the stepping stones to freedom because in order to become whole, the shadow and the light must be recognized, all must be explored.”