Jennifer Franklin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with individuals and families. Jennifer started her clinical training with an MSW from the Smith College for Social Work, a program that focuses on psychodynamic theory and practice. Jennifer was exposed early on in her career to how our experiences of attachment deeply influence our neurobiology and how we experience the world. This knowledge spurred her desire to become trained in EMDR, which she now regularly incorporates in therapy. An integral part of Jennifer’s work is to help individuals overcome trauma (relational and physical) along with the limiting beliefs and patterns that go along with those experiences.

Jennifer is also deeply influenced by Buddhist philosophy, which impacts the importance that she gives to the mind-body connection in the therapeutic setting. Jennifer’s work with individuals and families inevitably aims to increase one’s capacity to notice how our thoughts influence our mood states, and vice versa, through the practice of mindfulness.

In addition to Jennifer’s formal clinical masters-level training in psychotherapy, she has over 15 years of training in behavioral learning theory that is grounded in her prior work as a teacher and parent educator, as well as a Master of the Arts degree in Bilingual and Diverse Education. Jennifer is fluent in Spanish and uses her second language in the clinical setting.