My name is Lauren Jourdonnais, maiden name Adams. I have come to Montana from Corvallis, Oregon, and grew up in a small town on the Oregon coast called Coos Bay. Originally born in California, I started dancing there at the age of 4 years old; I found joy in movement and rhythm and went on to practice many different styles of dance, with a focus on classical ballet. Coming from an eclectic family with a deaf father, I learned early on to try to understand others and be compassionate. I am a mother to two amazing children, Elia (2 years) and Craighton (8 months), and a wife to a great man named Adam. I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by love and supportive, caring people that have helped teach me to lead with kindness and empathy. I hope to end every day knowing I somehow made the world better, even if just for one person.