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Summer Sabbatical

June - July 2020

Our Dearest Lotus Community,

Here we are, a few months into the pandemic. We see the hard work Montana put into respecting the quarantine and are so relieved to see our numbers so low (good work community!) but we are also connected to our loved ones in New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver and Tampa where the story is very different. At The Lotus, we are looking at what’s happening not just based on Montana, but also recognizing that this virus does not honor state boundaries.

With the slow re-opening in phase 1 that Steve Bullock has put in place for our beautiful state and with the weather shifting to the time when we are all drawn to adventuring outside, we’ve decided to take a much needed rest and will be stepping away from the studio for a Summer Sabbatical for June and July. We will not be offering zoom livestream classes or have the physical space opened during these months.

However, we will have FREE yoga & movement classes available on our Youtube channel! We are currently recording classes this month to be uploaded on youtube and teachers will be recording as they are inspired during those 2 months. When we release a new class, we will announce it on social media and you will be able to take the class for free!

We completely understand that this may not be the news you want to hear, but the energy it took to switch our studio completely to virtual and the energy we know we will need to open up the physical space again is currently not there. We are going to use these 2 months to get clear about our next steps, recharge and be ready once we can welcome all of you safely back into our studio space – and, oh my goodness, that feels amazing to think about – especially all the hugs!

We are so grateful for each of you – our teachers, students, workstudy, clients – every one of you! We miss you all and have so greatly enjoyed our moments of connecting via zoom. We hope you understand our need to take a sacred pause in the midst of all this newness so we can make sure we are stepping forward with strength and clarity in contrast to depletion and reaction.

We send our love, our light, our deepest gratitude.
– J, K, C, & M

21-Day Embodied Movement Challenge

Looking for little pieces of inspiration throughout your day?

Social Distancing Support with Embodied Movement –

We may be quarantined, but that doesn’t mean we can’t move and connect. Let’s use all these virtual tools to co-regulate and collaborate as we commit together to flatten the curve. We’ve put together TWO 21 day challenges providing a small thing to do for 3 mins a day that might interrupt the intensity and help you come back into your body at least once a day!

First week will be with Caitlin as she explores daily ways to resource yourself.

Second week Jamie will lead us through daily prompts to connect to our Compassion and Kindness

Final week, the 2 of us will bring it all together through PLAY!
#compassion #supportingeachother #resourcefulness #communitylove #thelotushelena










DAY 10

DAY 13

DAY 15

DAY 16

DAY 17

DAY 18

DAY 19

DAY 21

Stay connected and updated through social media, if that’s your thing.

IMPORTANT: Lotus Update Regarding COVID-19 Coronavirus

Hello Lotus Family. In order to prepare for the incoming COVID-19 coronavirus, we have decided to temporarily suspend all classes at The Lotus starting Monday, March 16th through the end of the month. This decision was made out of concern for all of our community members, especially those at greatest risk, our senior community and those with underlying health issues.

Based on research, it appears that the greatest chance of containment has resulted from limiting public exposure. For that reason, we are not just relying on increased cleaning, sanitization, or not using props. Instead, we have decided to do our part and not host indoor classes in an attempt to decrease the spread of the virus. We will put a pause on all memberships and class cards and resume them once the studio is open.

We believe that a pandemic is an opportunity to shift our behaviors as well as the way we see the world. This is not a time to live in panic and fear, but instead to adjust our behaviors and routines for the safety of all. While many who get the virus will recover in good health, others, especially our wise elders, may suffer. We need wisdom during this time more than ever. This is our chance to rally as a whole community committed to protecting each other – not due to fear, but out of deep compassion.

At The Lotus, we believe that staying healthy is less about what we do within studio walls and more about finding movement and connection while moving from a place of collective awareness of the greater whole. We are all in this together. While we will miss seeing your faces in person, we can’t wait to find other creative avenues to continue to connect as we safely get through this part of the human journey. Stay tuned for some heart-centered content through our social media.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns. Yoga, OULA and movement classes are important, but YOU and the health of our community matter deeply to The Lotus.

-Jamie, Kathryn and Caitlin

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