Wowzers, was it windy this morning! A little reflection on wind element and how to work with it in your inner life…

From a Native American perspective, the wind can show up in our waking world as a divine messenger. This may be a time to ask yourself what are you needing to hear right now to help serve you on your human journey? Are there things that you have been unwilling to look at in your life, but know that listening to the wisdom of the hidden may help you grow?

In Ayurvedic Medicine,
The Wind element in its healthy form can represent movement and creative power. This can be a time to invite creative movement expressions into your life, art and journaling!

When Wind element is out of balance, you may feel blocked to messages from the subconscious world, like you are stuck in the mundane. Another way it may show up is in obsessive thinking and behaviors, perfectionist thinking, worrying, planning, trying to control your world.

Some ways to balance Wind Element in your personal practice…
•Set clear boundaries, it is Ok to say NO!
•Slow movement practices with long, deep breaths.Yoga, Qigong, Slow Walks
•Heart opening movement like Yoga and Dance.
•Yoga Nidra
•Warm Food and Teas
•Electronics off in the evening hours