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Questions to ponder: How do we welcome ourselves? How might we introduce our softer parts, the place where we find our center, our authentic self to the parts of us that are on auto-pilot, the parts that have been conditioned to protect and hide?


*Perhaps the answer may be found by looking at the definition of WELCOME: to greet someone in a glad or friendly way.

*As a common courtesy when welcoming someone new, one might say a welcoming phrase and give ones name.

*What if we did this at some point in the day to ourselves? What are some ways we can greet ourselves each day with kindness and presence?

*And what if we took it a little further by asking a questions to our current self about something that surprised us that day or something that day that felt like kindness or love?

*What if we shared a memory with our current self from the past self about a time when we felt brave or beautifully quirky?