Since 2015, The Lotus Foundation Scholarship has been providing free classes and scholarships to Veterans, Domestic Violence and Cancer survivors in a safe and qualified environment.  

We offer this scholarship to remove financial barriers and to make space for these incredible survivors to heal.

After cancer treatment I was unfamiliar with body and its boundaries, I was depressed and anxious about trusting it, and I didn’t have the financial ability to invest in my health. I needed space to get healthy again and re-familiarize myself with my body and movement. I needed to find a way back to trusting my body. The foundation not only provided me access to classes that helped my body get moving again, but an opportunity to explore classes that fed my joy, my spirit and my health without the financial burden. Through the foundation I’ve gained strength not only in my body, but in community and mental health.
Chelsia Rice

-Foundation Recipiant

The Lotus Foundation Scholarship has helped me tremendously. Going to Movement Therapy classes have helped me mentally, physically and emotionally. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and these therapeutic classes help lower my anxiety and depression and gets me out of the house. I am so glad I found this opportunity; it is awesome!
-Diane Clemo

Foundation Recipient

What being a recipient of The Lotus Foundation scholarship meant to me was having the opportunity to access classes and community while in a safe and encouraging environment. It was definitely a stepping stone on my journey of healing. When you have gone through certain traumatic situations, it takes great effort to allow for vulnerability and openness. This scholarship is a way for a person to do that and know they will be in supportive and caring hands every step of the way.

Foundation Recipient

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The Lotus provides an excellent opportunity for Veterans, unique from most Fitness Clubs and Yoga/Dance Studios.  Certified mental health professionals and somatic wellness experts provide a holistic program encompassing multiple Veterans’ issues including but not limited to PTSD, MST, substance abuse and addiction. They focus on the full mind-body-spirit connection and the experience of the staff allows appropriate processes for dealing with “spillage” that might come to the surface from a somatic movement class or other issues related to Veterans’ growth, transition, and recovery (if needed). Confidential: No reporting of individual mental health or disclosure to any military or civilian entities providing total privacy ensured by law.  It is a trustworthy, fun, active, emotionally safe healing place encouraging serenity and personal growth.
-J. S. Hannon, Commander (ret) US Navy SEAL, Combat Veteran

Foundation Recipient

When working  with vulnerable populations, it is important to be aware that emotional material may be uncovered in a movement class. Because this is a therapeutic intervention, it is important to have highly qualified experts to help interpret what may surface through the body.
-K.K (LCSW working with vulnerable populations)