The Lotus Foundation has been serving the Helena Community since 2015 and with this team and these offerings, we are uniquely positioned to provide wellness services to a greater community of people who might not be able to access previously due to financial constraints.  Our approach has been three-fold – providing a scholarship for classes, series, workshops and retreats; supporting new yoga teachers who want to teach in vulnerable communities, and funding yoga classes in the community for vulnerable populations.


In 2015, we started by creating a scholarship for Veterans, Domestic Violence and Cancer Survivors to access our services for free.  Every month, we offer 10 spots for these vulnerable communities set up with a pass to any of our weekly classes. Since we started this scholarship two years ago, we have served 50 individuals in classes, scholarships for our Yoga for Mental Health Series ,1000 Hands Buddha Qigong, Intro to Permaculture Design and most recently to our Womens Self-Care Retreat at Boulder Hot Springs and OULA Weekend Retreat at Feathered Pipe Ranch.  It has been an offer to serve these communities and through the years, we have raised more funds for this scholarship that allow us to broaden our number recipients and the reach of workshops, series and retreats that we can provide in the future. We host donation-based classes as our primary source of revenue to raise these funds and through the years, we continue to be incredibly moved by the generosity of the Helena community along with the willingness of our teachers to provide free classes in order to raise funds.  

Mentorship Program

While we feel it is incredibly important to give members of these vulnerable communities access to our classes, workshops, series and retreats, we also are committed to bringing our offerings outside studio walls.  Our Program Director, who is trained in offering Yoga for Mental Wellness, Yoga Service, and has taught yoga to a wide variety of populations, provides free mentorship for yoga teachers in the Helena area who are looking to start a class in the community.  She meets with the yoga teacher, helps them set up the program and offers follow-up phone meetings once the classes are going to troubleshoot any hurdles that might be faced. While this part of our Foundation is new, we are very excited to continue to provide these wellness services to a broader community.

Community Class Program

We are currently working with the YWCA, Helena Veteran Center and Friendship Center to offer yoga classes at their space for the populations they serve.

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If you are a certified yoga teacher looking to create a community class offering to a vulnerable population or are a part of a non-profit interested in offering community classes, please reach out!

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